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Pakistan from my Perspective

Pakistan from my Perspective

General Parvez Musharraf asking Pakistani nation.

Monday, April 7, 2014

This poetry is written by Mustafa Azizabadi member of MQM central coordination committee (London)

Human Carnivores

Sunday, April 6, 2014

This analysis is shared by Nadeem Raza Shah
 This is really sad how people around the world are discussing about Lahore incident: The 5-year-old girl who was raped in Lahore in early September was discharged from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital after a recovery period of 29 days. The child was found outside the hospital at around 8:00 pm, a day after she went missing from a low-income neighborhood in the city. Doctors had said that she was raped several times. Five suspects in the Lahore rape case were released on October 2 after a polygraph test was done.

Another “nonsense” by Mr. Imran Khan

Saturday, March 29, 2014

This analysis has been written by Kashif Hasan Syed

Recently a press conference by PTI chairman Imran khan made headlines in the media. According to the journalists he stated, "Taliban did not want to enforce Shariah in the country at gunpoint".

Rebuttal to the editorial "Altaf seeks another Musharraf"

Monday, March 24, 2014

This particular piece is the reply to the editorial of “The Frontier Post” which was published under the title Altaf seeks another Musharraf

Mr. Editor,
The entire article “Altaf seeks another Musharraf” has a central theme; that is, that MQM has no ideology. The article is obviously not well researched, or the esteemed author is oblivious of the realities. This ideological basis of MQM is even acknowledged by MQM's worst opponents. That the foundations of MQM lie in the ideology of humanitarianism and philanthropy principles of Mr. Altaf Hussain are not only well acknowledged but also well documented. A cursory search on Google, Dailymotion and other leading e-media outlets would reveal to the respected author the significant works carried out under the banner of KKF (charity organization of MQM) long before even MQM existed. If this is not based on an ideology, than what is?

Roman Nero of Sindh

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

According to some historians, for six days and seven nights people of Rome watched their city burning helplessly while Nero (the emperor) was performing on the state. In 21st century the history repeats itself in a different region.  From 1st to 15th of February 2014 when the innocent children of Tharparkar district of Sindh were dying due to famine condition while the modern-day Nero and self-proclaimed Sayein of Sindh (Bilawal Bhutto Zardari) was enjoying fashion shows, musical concerts and lavish foods by the name of Sindh Festival.

According to news reports when Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was spending Rs. five billion for saving the face of Sindh government through Sindh festival, the children of Sindh in Thar were dying in hospitals and poor mothers of Sindh were giving birth to still babies due to shortage of food and drought situation.  
Isn't it ironic?
In February alone 32 children died while 121 children died in last three months.


According to some official reports, 175,000 families are affected from the drought and now Thar is facing famine like situation. Bilawal tweeted and took action only when a newspaper published miseries of people of Thar.  Media raised concern when a private news channel highlighted the drought situation in Thar.  People from around the country and overseas showed their concerns and start criticizing Bilawal Sayein.  Interestingly, Bilawal ordered government to take relief measures for the affected area but did he do query from the Chief Minister of Sindh who is from his own party and ruling his Sindh province from last six years. It is important to mention here is that
Secretary Food is the son in law of Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah while Deputy Commissioner of Tharparkar is the son of PPP influential leader Amin Fahim.
Therefore, either Sindh government or PPP both are equally responsible for the situation.

Before the Sindh government or PPP leadership could reach to the affected area, it was Pakistan Army and charity organization of political party reached Thar from Karachi and Pano Aqil cantonment.

Until now, the PPP social media team and some leaders like Nafisa Shah, Shazia Marri and Fawad Chaudry are trying to save the face of Bilawal and his Sindh Festival. Their reply to the critics is that the reason of the situation is “poverty."  Doesn’t this reason raise the question on the policies which PPP is dragging for decades under the system of Quota imposition? Another question is that who is ruling the province from last six years, if we minus the years of three other incomplete tenures by PPP? Unlike previous tenure, PPP is solely ruling the Sindh with all the administration of Sindh under the control of PPP workers and close relatives of PPP's leaders.

Now who do we really hold accountable for the deaths of more than 300 small children, if not chairperson of PPP and Sindh government? Reportedly, Chief Justice of Pakistan Jillani has held Sindh Government responsible for the situation in Thar while Justice Azmat said that the visits of CM and PM will not do any good to the people of Thar. He criticized on the stockpiling of wheat during the sua sponte case on Tharparker situation.

If this is the democracy where people are dying from hunger, and wheat is stockpiled in the building of government of Sindh, then people are right to say that PPP has reversed its slogan of “ROTI, KAPRA aur MAKAAN” (food, clothes and housing) to “BHOOK, KAFAN aur QABRISTAN” (hunger, shroud and graveyard).

Is It The Same Red Mosque?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

It was not too long ago when during a seminar in National Defense University Islamabad, the former Army Chief Pervez Musharraf was asked by some journalists including renowned anchor Hamid Mir that when will he launch the operation against “Red Mosque” in Islamabad?

During a seminar in National Defense University Musharraf was asked by some senior journalists that when will you do the Army operation against the militants in Red Mosque (a masjid which was full of militants and weapons and the cleric of the mosque was trying to impose their rules in the capital city of Pakistan). Musharraf then replied to Hamid Mir then you will be the first journalist who will then raise the questions on our action against those militants by showing the pictures of the bodies if any casualty happens. Reportedly, Hamid Mir said, we guarantee you that we won’t report the operation and will support the action.

35 Punctures and National Sovereignty

Saturday, February 8, 2014

On February 4th 2014, PTI leader Imran Khan and his political advisor Naeem ul Haq tweeted about 35 punctures conspiracy. Naeem ul Haq’s exact tweet was:  

“Pentee(35)penchur (punctures) la dittay nain......Najam Sethi to Nawaz Sharif on Election night of 11 May 2013.... Quoted by a top Ambassador”

On the same day Imran Khan tweeted:  

“Najm Sethi assuring Nawaz Sharif of having done 35 "punctures"4 elections shows the muk muka & complicity 2 facilitate rigging.”

He further tweeted:   

MQM and the BBC

        Sir: Daily Times is a reputable newspaper and people do not expect it to carry a biased editorial. Such practices are against journalistic norms. In the editorial, “MQM and the BBC”, published on February 3, it is said that Owen Benett-Jones has always followed BBC’s standard of impartiality and objectivity. Does this also mean that you endorse Owen’s book The Eye of the Storm, in which he has raised a finger against Pakistan’s army and has blamed the institution for various problems inflicting the country? He has compared the Pakistan army to Lord Shiva, being both the preserver and destroyer of the country. He has accused the ISI and the military leadership for providing support and protecting Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad. BBC has a history of false reporting and airing unsubstantiated documentaries. Among many such documentaries is the one made on Pakistan with the name of Secret Pakistan: Double Cross that accuses the Pakistan army of supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan.
If the London Metropolitan Police during its raid on Altaf Hussain’s residence had found a large amount of unexplained money, why has the police not charged Altaf Hussain with the offence? MQM is cooperating with the police at every level. It is not MQM but Owen Bennett-Jones who is trying to influence the investigation process. Saying that the MQM does not care about the citizens of Karachi is a biased statement. Historically, it is only the MQM which has developed Karachi and has served its people. No party is as committed as the MQM to the cause and development of Sindh generally and Karachi particularly. The election results of the recently held by-elections have proved that the people of Karachi still support the MQM.

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